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Our aim is to provide affordable, high quality books for you to enjoy.

Android Books

A large range of low-cost quality books for you to download to your Android phone or tablet. Search our catalogue by category, title or author.

How to purchase

Pay for your book using Paypal secure card processing. If you are shopping from your phone you can  download the book directly, if you are shopping from your PC we will send an email containing the download link to your phone - making it easy to shop either on your PC or your phone.

What is included

All books are full versions and are packaged with an advanced book reader. There is no messing around with folders and directories, just download and read.

What is not included

Adverts, Spyware or any attempt to access your private data. The app does not access the internet,  personal details or phone settings.

Text navigation

The advanced reader has a full table of contents to locate each chapter and book marking options to allow easy return to a marked section. It will remember where you are when you close the book.

Text enhancement

Features to make the book easier to read include zoom in/out, multiple fonts, change background/text colour.